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Having started service in Shexalla in 1992, SANARIA company now has more than one branch in erbil / Iraq for distrubuting its products. therefore, SANARIA has taken its first step of effective and determind walking in its new horizon.

SANARIA has established in 1992 in erbil / Iraq. SANARIA provides a variety of products for females in particular.

SANARIA's objective is to develop focusing on quality and customer satisfaction, therefore most of the products are from ITALY, FRANCE, Turkey, ARAB GOLF, and CHINA.

SANARIA can provide its own loyal customers with custom designs and outstanding fabric.

Sanaria follows the evolution of the industry to create a collection that represents the innovative vision of becoming a tradition and be the first brand that comes to mind of the consumers.

Evolving to increase the effectiveness of national and international markets, Sanaria aims to be a reliable and trustworthy supplier.

Also, Sanaria opens accessory stores as Sanaria ACCESSERORIES.

This is who we are

We are a very creative team, you'll see.

We have selected best people in the shops to provide neccessary help to our valuable customers, wheather its on local shops or online social medias.

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Address: Family Mall, 100 Meter Street

Erbil, Iraq

Tel.: +964 750 463 66 66
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